Latest Quick Dagger Release: // Jan 30 2018 // Beta 1-16

Feature Set

Key Features:

  • Portable & light-weight, at only 5MB. Perfect for including in your arsenal of tools on your thumb drive.
  • Auto-updates itself and it’s malware detection engine. Complete change-log and update history viewable in plain-text.
  • Becomes more intelligent overtime, thanks to Baseline.

Nexgen Malware Scanner Features:

  • Designed to be light and quick. Scanning on badly infected PC: 4-5 min average. Cleaning: 1-2 min average.
  • Full scan and custom scan options. Quick mode setting to speed up scans.
  • Definition-less heuristics algorithm. Detects new malware other scanners do not.
  • File based and non file based malware detection.
  • Rootkit detection.
  • AutoIt malware detection.
  • Chrome adware detection
  • Baseline: Sends metadata about detections to our cloud, learns overtime.
  • Low false positives. Ability to change algorithm threshold. Default is 5. (55% malicious confidence). Try changing to 4.5 when diagnosing infected machines.
  • Due to engine design, Nexgen is not affected by NTFS permissions, file attributes, etc.
  • Cleaning function tears through malware like butter. If you click Clean, bye bye bye.
  • Detailed log, including list of running processes, startups, services, service params, drivers, useful for further diagnostics.

Dashboard Features:

  • HDD SMART status
  • Event Log issues (BSODs, corruption, AppCrash, etc)
  • Connectivity check
  • Temperatures


Hours of Work


Lines of Code

Feb 2018

Expected Beta 2 Release

Nov 27 2017

Beta 1 Milestone Hit

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Next-Generation Malware Removal

Meet Nexgen, our Malware Scanner component of Quick Dagger. We’ve designed an algorithm for detecting and destroying malware. Without definitions. Without someone else’s engine. Without insanely high false positives. Within our algorithm is a complex scoring system on a sliding scale that considers signs and behavior that indicate goodware and malware. Due to the very design of malware, and it’s purpose, evading detection from Nexgen is very difficult.

Easy to understand results list: Whether you’re an end-user concerned about security, or a technician cleaning up malware off client machines, we all agree that no one likes to sift through results looking for the needle in the haystack. At a glance, thanks to our color coding and scoring algorithm, you can immediately determine the presence of a malware infection.

A score of 4.5 (blue) indicates some signs of maliciousness of that file but it’s a coin flip—50%. Files scored at 5-6 (ORANGE), malicious confidence is higher, and there are good indicators to support this file being malicious. A score of 8-11 (RED) means without a doubt this file looks to be malware. Finally, any files scored 12 or higher receive PURPLE. Any files marked RED or PURPLE should be looked at carefully, as most of the time, on client machines, they are sure indicators of an infection.

Intelligent Diagnostic Data

Built from the passion that’s evolved Nexgen, our goal is to also provide useful PC diagnostic information for IT professionals. We’re only at the beginnings, but the idea is spotting abnormality. The more you run Quick Dagger, the more accurate it is at making recommendations such as OS corruption that needs attention, failing hardware, various Windows indications. We’re looking for feedback!